Bobaloo rocks. \m/ \m/

Why yes, Labor Day BLTs sound delightful and delicious thank you.

This is Larry. Larry used to work for the Rose Bowl as a warehouse manager until he and his boss basically came to blows over a different employee who wrecked a company truck. That was about 8 years ago, and it all fell apart from there, he said. I decided to take an hour long walk to the bank as my exercise today, and brought a metal water bottle. In 90 degree heat, this gentleman needed it more than I ever did, so I gave it to him half full. I’ve seen him here on this corner before after leaving the Target in my car, but have never gotten the chance to give him anything. Today, I spent about 7 minutes finding out who he was and how he got here. I asked if he had a safe place to stay, which he said yes…he had a few places to stay. I didn’t get into how it fell apart, but it was good to see he had a small pile of donated food and drink near him. #scenesfromglendale

Scenes from the Toasted Bun. #glendale

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This. #fridayisawesomewithpuppies

Three For Thursday. This song cemented my love for Example. Changed The Way You Kissed Me. If I am lucky enough to ever see them live, I will lose my face when this gets played. #example #uk #bestsongsever #thursdayshowerjam

Current music obsession : @chaseholfelder and his twist on the amazing Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. Look up the video, or find it on Spotify! Makes me wail in the shower! #chaseholfelder #girlsjustwanttohavefun #cyndilauper #thursdayshowerjam

Been on an #example kick lately. This is the first song I heard of theirs/his that made my eardrums very happy. Won’t Go Quietly on your Throwback Thursday. #bestsongsever #thursdayshowerjam #uk

Next before-bed book.

And You & I. Last night, Yes at the Greek. Exceeded all expectations! Groovy, mellow, uplifting show. Just what the doctor ordered. #yes #yesworld #fragile #closetotheedge

Gonna need to harness the power of that Yes concert last night to get me through this busy week ahead. #cansandbrahms #yes #yesworld

Sister Golden Girls. #yesconcert

Photo bomb FTW. Yes concert is here! #yes #yesworld #photobomb (at Greek Theatre L.A.)

Hey bacon. Glad to christen @titoagogo ‘s new apartment with bacon.

Jeremy likes to make friends. #sammy

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