Bobaloo rocks. \m/ \m/

Awesome relics of the 90s: My pal William changed his band name for this cassette to this based off a story I had shared about a trip to a Chicago adult store where they sold these. #Musicland #1993 #Maxell #thingsfoundduringthemove

We break the seal on this once we get a sturdy, game night friendly table for shenanigoats like creating silly fun with LEGOS. And playing cards and Clue. And drink-and-draw nights.


So, @burlyjer relaxed and made his LEGO ice cream truck birthday gift, I went and got us a plunger. Are we a couple at home already? #domesticlifestartsnow

Today has been ridiculously spectacular, and I am beaming with happiness. ♥

I FINALLY got to thank Paul for helping me formulate part of my music philosophy. I quoted him from 1991 speaking about how critics thought about KISS: “KISS? That’s nonsense. You should be listening to Emerson, Lake & Palmer.” “No, YOU listen to Emerson, Lake & Palmer….I’m listening to KISS!” ♥ He chuckled and knew exactly what I said. THE BEST!

@paulstanleylive is a class act and a hero of mine. Thank you sir for being so awesome. Thanks to @titoagogo for being my KISS twinsie and @burlyjer for chaperoning us.

OMG Paul Stanley! @paulstanleylive (at Barnes & Noble Events, The Grove)

Not bad for getting up at 5am. Only have to wait for about 35 minutes and about 50th in line. #starchild @paulstanleylive

About to make KISSTORY



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